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Below are some of the most common questions that we are asked.

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ABC Box Co. offers a full range of products and services to suit your every packaging need. We have the ability to custom design and prototype packaging for any product large or small, fragile or valuable. In addition to our ability to prototype packaging, we can design your printing or work with existing artwork to make your container look just right.

ABC Box Co. prides itself in providing an exceptional product in the quickest amount of time possible.

Packaging Questions and Answers


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Yes. Most stock items are delivered the next day. Custom items may take longer to produce.

The length dimension will be the longest side of the opening of the box. The width dimension will be the shorter side of the opening of the box. Finally, the depth will be the distance in between the openings of the box.

Determining the correct grade of board to use is determined not only by your items weight but by its size as well. Shown below are a few standard grades of board and their general capabilities. Besides these shown we also have board offerings in between these, stronger boards and even other specialty / government grades.

REGULAR STRENGTH: 32ECT Single wall. We carry this strength board in E, B and C flutes. It’s recommended to hold up to 65 lbs and 75 inches of total measurement.

HEAVY STRENGTH: 275 lb Single wall. We carry this board in W5C (B flute government board) and C flutes. It’s recommended to hold up to 95 lbs and 95 inches of total measurement.

EXTRA HEAVY STRENGTH: 350 lb Double-wall. We carry this board in DW and even W6C (350 lb B flute government board) flutes. It’s recommended to hold up to 120 lbs and 105 inches of total measurement.

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: If your product requires even greater strength than these popular options, we can work with you to provide other options, including but not limited to, 500DW and 1300TRP boards.

*Total measurement can be found by adding the 3 dimensions of your container together. (Length + Width + Height = Total measurement)

Usually, no. One situation where a minimum box quantity would be required would be ordering stock items in custom colors.

Yes! We specialize in printed boxes. We have our own screen printing department and 2 flexographic presses! Everything from “Fragile” stamps to full lithographic printing is available.

Cardboard is actually any heavy paper or pulp based board such as what you may find on the back of a notepad. When people use the term “cardboard box” they actually mean “corrugated box”. Corrugated board is a fluted sheet covered by one or two liner boards.

We offer a few different options for shipping:
- Our truck (Free delivery on orders over $150)
- Your truck / carrier
- UPS or other postal service

Yes. To arrange this please contact our customer service department.

In order to properly measure your item for deciding on the size of box you need start by orienting it the way you would like it to be shipped. Now, measure the longest side and this will become your length. Next, measure the shortest side to determine your width. Finally, measure your items height and this will become your depth dimension.

Absolutely! We can do 1 piece to truckloads.

We do not require a minimum dollar amount to be ordered unless you’re looking to take advantage of our free shipping.

Yes! On orders of $150 or more we offer free shipping in the area of Milwaukee and surrounding counties.

We accept cash, check, MasterCard and Visa. Business customers may also pay by C.O.D., advance purchase or establish credit with us at terms 1% 10 NET 30.

Yes! In addition of what is in online and in our brochures we carry many other packaging supplies, cartons and we can even custom produce items.

Yes. Boxes must be in bundle quantities in order to be returned. Other products must be defective or unopened and unused. Returns subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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